Thailand Labor

Thailand Labor - Information

NNP Group is a Thailand consulting firm that specializes in advising foreign clients on their labor and employment issues in Thailand.

NNP Group can assist with the following types of Thailand labor and employment issues:

  1. Severance Claim
  2. Wrongful Termination
  3. Severance Tax Calculation
  4. Resignation & Settlement
  5. Employee Termination
  6. Teacher Termination
  7. Forced Retirement
  8. 2 Year Project
  9. Employment Contracts
  10. Work Permit
  11. Work Rules
  12. Recruitment Business
  13. Mergers & Acquisitions

Thailand Labor - Fees & Billing

Our fees are designed to meet our clients specific needs, but generally we offer the same fees to all our clients.  Our fees our explained as set out below.

1.  Severance & Wrongful Termination Claims

We offer a fixed fee of 30,000 Baht to provide a list of supporting documents specific to your case, draft your labor complaint in English language, translate the labor complaint to Thai language and then accompany you at the Labor Court to file the labor complaint.

This service puts you in a position to negotiate directly with your employer or the employer will be forced to attend a mediation hearing at the Thailand Labor Court (ie forcing your employer to the "proverbial" bargaining table).

The mediation hearing at the Thailand Labor Court is usually scheduled approximately 1 month after filing the labor complaint.

If you cannot get your employer to settle within the 1 month period before the scheduled mediation hearing, then we require a retainer payment of 50,000 Baht plus a 5 to 10% success fee depending on the amount of the severance / wrongful termination claim.

We will charge for our services at the rate of 5,000 Baht per hour for our consultants and 1,500 Baht per hour for our translators.

2.  Other Services

Please contact for a fee quote by email and note that we will try to provide a fixed fee quote whenever possible. 

If not possible to provide a fixed fee quote, then we will charge for such work at our hourly rates of 5,000 Baht per hour for our consultants and 1,500 Baht per hour for our translators. 

We always require a 50% deposit on fixed fee work or retainer for hourly work prior to beginning the work.

Our fees are exclusive of VAT currently at the rate of 7%.

We will provide a tax invoice upon receipt of final payment.

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